Black textile earrings

עגילי טקסטיל בצבע שחור

Black dangle earrings - handmade and very unique. They are a great jewelry piece for daily use as well as evening wear. They are pronounced but are very light weight since they are made mostly of fabric. Which does not take away from their glamour and chic but rather makes them more unique. My textile jewelry is also Eco friendly earrings since the fabric I use is recycled from excess materials from the shrugs that I make. No good material should go to waste! The black dangle earrings are made of goldfilled parts (the part that is touchings the ear) and parts that are plated gold. and the black piece is textile.


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◗◗◗ Size
6*2.5 cm, 2.5*1 inch
◗◗◗ Colors
Comes in white, purple, green, blue and more